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Leadership: An Interview with Ryan Quinn, Managing Director | VANRATH

Posted By Alanna Branagh on 23rd May 19

Why is Leadership important to a business?

At the heart of a business, you will find the leaders. The spirit of leadership inspires a team to come together to achieve a shared goal. In order to keep people keen on moving forwards and fused together, leaders will console and work with them. Setting direction and communicating this to everyone involved is key.

It is by preparing ourselves and crafting our best version that we manage to radiate our influence around. Leadership is not about assembling people to do the same thing and continue to do it well, it is about change.

There has been a clear shift in the type of working environments that organisations are trying to create throughout all levels of employment over the last twenty years. The idea that employees must “no longer be treated as cogs within a machine, but as knowledge assets capable of adding value towards the growth of the firm” is one that has been developing throughout this time period.

Interviewing Managing Director of VANRATH, Ryan Quinn, he’s asked of what leadership means to him: 

What kind of a leader would your team describe you as? 

"Transformational, I encourage trust amongst the team to inspire and motivate them to innovate and create change in order to grow and shape future success, I do not micromanage. I lead them in the right direction, but we all work towards one shared vision."

What are the most important values you demonstrate as a leader?

"Putting yourself in that persons position and having empathy when somebody is trying their best.  I think encouraging a work environment where failing fast and relishing the lesson is paramount."

 What is a leader’s best asset?

"Don’t act like you are the judge and jury.  A leader is there to guide and encourage, not to give speeding fines."

 How do you motivate your team?

"By emphasising the part we play in bringing the Client and Candidate together; the fact that doing it to the best of our ability will turn a recruitment job into a recruitment career.   Recruiters are traditionally thought of as inept or careless.  Be the opposite of that and the credit you will get for it will fuel your trajectory in the industry.  Excellence provides excellent results." 

How did you gain your leadership status and trust of your team?

"Confidence and self-belief. If you don’t believe you can lead yourself, why would anyone else believe you can lead them?"


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