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What are the advantages of temporary work?

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Contract and temporary work has evolved from simply being a stop-gap solution to become a credible, flexible career for many; in fact, temporary workers are considered a vital part of staffing strategies for many businesses.

Our specialist temporary and contract recruitment consultants are experts in finding the ideal contract/temporary position for you. Due to our successful and long-standing relationships with Northern Ireland’s leading companies we have access to the best contract and temporary work available in the market.

Benefits of contracting through VANRATH

The flexibility, choice and variety of experience that can be achieved by working in contracting or temporary positions mean that this is an increasingly popular career choice for many professionals.
  • Working in contract and temporary positions in different industry sectors will broaden your skill set and knowledge
  • Contractors and temporary workers will often get paid higher hourly rates than employees, along with higher overtime rates and will have more flexibility to negotiate pay rates and conditions
  • You will, in the majority of cases, gain a more extensive skill set for your CV with a greater number of references
  • Changing jobs when working in a contract and temporary position is often easier than changing from one permanent role to another
  • There is often a chance that contract and temporary positions may lead to a permanent opportunity

Skills required for contract and temporary work

  • Ability to cope well under pressure
  • Adaptability and flexibility
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Have the ability to provide an excellent hand-over at the end of your temporary contract

Adapting your CV for contract and temporary positions

  • Include a very brief statement about yourself beneath your contact details outlining your experience and what you can offer.
  • Keep concise and well-structured.
  • Use bullet points where possible.
  • Draw upon your temp credentials- i.e. that you are adaptable, quick to pick up new skills, flexible
At VANRATH we understand that making a move into contracting can be a daunting experience, that is why we have a specialist contract recruitment team who are experts in this area and can guide you every step of the way.  To discuss the options that are available to you or to get a better understanding of the contract and temporary market in Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland, then please get in touch for a confidential conversation.
Get in Touch or call us on 028 9033 0250 (NI) or 0152 674 68 (ROI)
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