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3 reasons why you should consider Cyber Security for your next career move

Posted on 16th Nov 17

Are you an IT professional seeking a career change, or a recent graduate short of direction? If you pride yourself on your problem-solving skills and have a passion for evolving technology, then Cyber Security might be the avenue for you. Interested in hearing more about whether this could be the right fit for you? Read on to find out 3 reasons why you should consider Cyber Security for your next career move.


1. In a period of continuous change, Cyber Security offers job stability

In the past year the UK has experienced over 500 cyber attacks which has been debilitating to its largest organisations; from banks and retailers whose data has been exposed to the NHS whose systems have been derailed, the need for Cyber Security is more prevalent than ever. What does this mean for the IT industry? With the talent gap in Cyber Security estimated to reach 1.8 million jobs by 2022, it’s no secret that there’s a huge demand for IT professionals in this field. What’s more, a recent survey revealed that salaries for full time IT security jobs are rising more quickly than contractor rates, which means that you have the potential to make serious bucks in this business. Simply put, Cyber Security is a sure fire way to have a long and successful career.

2. Cyber Security is like The Da Vinci Code of technology

Technology is developing at an unparalleled rate and as a result we’re seeing game-changing developments on a daily basis. Exciting as this is, it also creates a landscape of problems which is where your intellectual handiwork is required. Whilst there are disruptive companies using technology to better the lives of consumers, there are also individuals abusing it in an exploitative way; it’s down to the Robert Langdons of Cyber Security to identify these potential threats and create solutions to combat them, which demands thinking outside of the box. According to IT security professionals, the most gratifying part of working in Cyber Security is the feeling of finally cracking the code. 

3. Most IT professionals are equipped for a career in Cyber Security

Cyber Security is particularly inviting to IT professionals as it covers a large range of disciplines and with such a huge demand for candidates in this field, companies are even willing to train their employees in areas where they may be less qualified. Successful hiring in Cyber Security really comes down to a candidate’s personal qualities. The ideal candidate should have strong analytical skills and a good eye for identifying trends in data. Recognising problems and working through them can be a complex and lengthy process and for that reason, inquisitiveness and perseverance are also favoured.

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